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"Take a look at the brands you buy for your shop. Thats your future and your success, so choose wiseley"
FRANK LYMAN - Montrèal

FRANK LYMAN Montrèal - Retail Best Seller / Money Styles 2021

FRANK LYMAN Montrèal - RETAIL BEST SELLER / MONEY STYLES - sind die weltweit vom Handel bestverkauften und immer wieder nachbestellten FL-Styles - die "MONEY MAKER" der aktuellen Auslieferung - kurzfristig nachlieferbar!

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PARA MI - all about the trousers

join the world of perfect trousers

ICONIQUE - be your own icon

beautiful crafted summerwear
premium and natural fabrics, tunics, kaftans, denim jackets, linen tops and bottoms

SOULMATE - ethical is the new normal

contemporary fashion - wear clothes that matter

B I A N A - easy smart chic

high quality tailored knits


ZYGA - Lin'n Laundry

gewaschenes Leinen in vielen Farben !
nur Frühjahr/Sommer


FRANK LYMAN - Eau de Parfum

smell like a star...